9h00 : Welcome (Arnaud Venet, NASA Ames)

9h15 : Introduction (Eric Féron, Georgia Tech)

9h30 : Keynote Speaker: Pierre Loic Garoche, ONERA, France

"Verifying controllers : From system to software"


10h00 : Round table: Key issues in the verification of control systems (all participants, chairman Eric Féron)

Each participant will give in less than 5 minutes the key issues he is interested in related to the verification of control systems. The chairman will then organize several groups that will focus on each issue.

Here is a first list of issues:

• Floating point computations

• Automation of verification processes

• Scope of the properties expressed and expressiveness of annotation languages

• The interface between Control engineers and Software verification engineers.

• Domain specific abstract domains

• Human in the loop

• Control patterns (e.g. Kalman filters, ...)

• Fault Detection, Identification, Recovery

• Hardware aspects, co-design

• ...

11h00 : Group session 1 (chairmen of the groups)

12h30: Lunch

13h30 : Feedback from each group (chairmen of the groups)

14h00: Group session 2 (chairmen of the groups)

15h30 : Feedback from each group (chairmen of the groups)

16h00: Future activities (Eric Féron)

The purpose is to define future cooperations around the key issues to progress more efficiently, propose common breakthroughs on the verification side to handle the various issues.

17h30: End of the meeting.